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On-Line Tuesday Club Lessons

This term we are continuing to post our Tuesday Club lessons on-line each week.

We welcome any feedback that you might have. Please feel free to pass details of this web site onto other families whose children might benefit from these lessons.

These lessons are also available as a Playlist on our YouTube channel: Click Here.

BOYS AND GIRLS: We do miss you very much and look forward to being able to meet again! I am afraid we cannot hear you - but if you want to ask a question or tell us something, why not ask your mother or father to send us a WhatsApp or text message?

Remember, God sees each one of us. So listen well, and ask God to speak to you through His precious Word!

The Conversion and Preaching of the Apostle Paul

A new series of lessons from Acts of the Apostles
Saul of Tarsus becomes Paul the Apostle - Who brings the Gospel into Europe!

Lesson 23: "Paul before Felix" - Posted 30th November 2020
Lesson 22: "A Riot at Ephesus" - Posted 24th November 2020
Lesson 21: "Paul visits Athens" - Posted 16th November 2020
Lesson 20: "The Conversion of The Philippian Jailor" - Posted 9th November 2020
Lesson 19: "The Conversion of Lydia at Philippi" - Posted 3rd November 2020
Lesson 18: "Saul's Conversion" - Posted 17th October 2020

Opposition to the Lord Jesus

A series of lessons from Mark's Gospel
Many people opposed the Saviour - and eventually crucified Him!

Lesson 17: "How Can We Go to Heaven?" - Posted 12th October 2020
Lesson 16: "Dishonesty: Jesus Cleanses the Temple" - Posted 6th October 2020
Lesson 15: "Hypocrisy: Jesus Condemns the Pharisees" - Posted 28th September 2020
Lesson 14: "Hardness and Hate: The Healing of the Man with the Withered Hand" - Posted 21st September 2020
Lesson 13: "Pride: The Call of Levi" - Posted 14th September 2020
Lesson 12: "Prejudice: The Paralytic Healed" - Posted 7th September 2020

Previous Lessons

These are still available on YouTube or by clicking on the links below

Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

A series of lessons from the first book of the Bible!
Who is God? - Where did this world come from? - What is Sin? - Must God judge sinners?

Miracles in Mark's Gospel

Jesus' Power over Nature - Death - the Devil - Need - and Illness